Re: evolution everywhere?

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10 Sep 1996 11:20:06 -0600

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Bryant said:
>> The comparative method allows predictions about the distributions of
>> traits (be they biological adaptations or elements of culture). This is
>> clearly the sort of prediction Gerold refers to.
>That's my point, (I think ;). I don't believe you can predict the
>distribution of a trait/cultural element. How could someone 3000 years ago
>predict the distribution of platonism/aristolian logic/even

That's not the kind of prediction I described. I described predicting
correlates in ethnographic-present accounts before looking at those
accounts. For instance, my girlfriend recently (last year) predicted
things about social stratification and resource holding in cultures
practicing genital mutilation. The predictions were tested with HRAF,
and supported her hypothesis beautifully.