Re: evolution everywhere?

Bryant (
10 Sep 1996 14:54:45 -0600

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Len Piotrowski <> wrote:
>Care to guess how "new" neo-Darwinism is? Oh, I've read a sociobiological
>study or two, in my time. And I've read the critiques of sociobiological
>studies or two, in my time. I think your wailing display over doubt over your
>pronouncement of supreme importance for your method reflects more upon your
>intellectual shallowness than anything else.

To be fair, I presented the framework of evolutionary behavioral biology
as "useful," never once pronouncing it, as you falsely quote me as
saying, of "supreme importance."

I find it very revealing that those who are most offended and shrill in the
face of a suggestion that evolutionary theory may shed light on the
behavior of evolved creatures such as ourselves are those folks least
informed about the principles and findings of the science they so detest.

Once in a long while, I find something of merit in your posts, but the cost
to benefit ratio has been growing less and less rewarding for those who would
dig through your rambling assaults looking for these. So long.