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Tue, 10 Sep 1996 19:04:48 GMT

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>>Sigh indeed! These "lists" [of scientific journals in which Lenny
>>could find the rigorous science he claims is missing from
>>sociobiology] may be proof of "newness" to someone newly arrived
>>to the planet. But not to anyone who's been around in this lifetime. Sea
>>change you said? I don't see it.

>Funny thing, Lenny. You aren't familiar with a one of these journals.

>They have *not* been around for even one adult lifetime. They were my
>illustration of how rapidly neo-Darwinism has spread throughout the sciences.
>I am not terribly suprised that you missed the point, since I doubt
>you've ever read a sociobiological study.

>Care to guess how many of those titles are less than a decade old?
>Care to stop feigning familiarity with the topics you criticize?

Funny thing how your bankrupt argument always brings you back to putting
words in the mouth of your perceived antagonist. It would do no good to
refute your bracketed imputation to my intent since your on a runaway with
Chicken Little at the throttle with no planned stopovers for bothersome
intellectual deviations.

Care to guess how "new" neo-Darwinism is? Oh, I've read a sociobiological
study or two, in my time. And I've read the critiques of sociobiological
studies or two, in my time. I think your wailing display over doubt over your
pronouncement of supreme importance for your method reflects more upon your
intellectual shallowness than anything else. The cavalier dismissal of your
own intellectual history suggests a vain attempt to hype the self-importance
of sociobiology while at the same time smearing all competing ideas. Good luck
in this propaganda campaign!