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10 Sep 1996 11:18:39 GMT

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>> >Another flippant reply that mocks Bryant. How do you think an
>> >man feels when someone accuses him of sanctioning rape?
>> Perhaps similar to how an *ethical* anthropoligist feels about being
>> accused of supporting sociobiology?
>> MB Williams
>> Dept. of Anthro., UMass-Amherst
>Somehow I doubt it. On the one hand there is a disagreement about
>science. On the other hand there is a personally insulting accusation
>that blatantly contradicts the record.

This is _only_ if you do not see sociobiology part of a larger
_ethical_ debate, which many, many PM/PP anthropologists, as well as
other scientists, do (see J. Marks, the renowned Yale genetic
biologist's work on the subject.)

MB Williams
Dept. of Anthro., UMass-Amherst