Atlantis - The Lost Continent

Michael W. Jackson (
10 Sep 1996 00:21:28 GMT

It is our belief that Atlantis, the lost continent, is no longer legend,
no longer myth. Why? For, both historians and archaeologists have found an
ancient site in the Aegean Sea that is believed to have been part of the
lost civilization of mighty Atlantis.

This new evidence reinforces what Plato, the greek philosopher, who was
born in 428 B.C., said about Atlantis in two of his dialogues, the Critias
and the Timaeus, wherein he describes Atlantis as a massively beautiful
island existing thousands of years ealier between Africa, Asia and Europe.

We would like to initiate a discussion group on this most interesting
subject. This legend has, in many ways shaped and formed the psyche of
modern man. It is part of humanity's collective consciousness.

Your responses are welcome on this subject matter.