Re: Adaptationism again

Paul Gallagher (
9 Sep 1996 01:35:29 -0400

In <50hbuo$> (Bryant) writes:

>Apparently, Lewtontin underwent a major religious conversion before
>co-authoring the "Spandrels" paper with Gould the following year, or he
>knew better, and whispers amongst biologists that the spandrels paper was
>a strategic platform from which to assault sociobiology in the popular
>press are valid.

Which whispering biologists have you been hanging out with? The critique
of pan-adaptationism long predated the "Spandrels of San Marco" paper.
Gould and Seilacher and Raup's key works on the subject appeared in the
early 1970's, before Wilson's "Sociobiology" was published.