Anthropologists, I desperately need advice! Please help me!

Dan/Karen (
9 Sep 1996 04:27:49 GMT

I am currently majoring in history (minor: sociology) at my university, and
I am extremely intrigued by anthropology. I am thinking that I may have
made the wrong decision by choosing history! But, I am now a senior, so
there is not much I can do about all of that now.

Anyway, I am considering going on to graduate school, and would love to
study anthropology! Is this a wise choice, considering the fact that I
have little background in anthroplogy? Or, could a history degree actually
be a plus? Also, what are the job opportunities for Anthropology? The
history job market is quite bleak!

Also, what is the general opinion of Desmond Morris? His TV programs are
fantastic! What field of anthropology does he specialize in (or does he
specialize in zoology)?

Please, if anyone reads this, know that I am in considerable angst and that
any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Dan Levine