Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Bryant (
9 Sep 1996 21:19:43 -0600

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Shannon Adams <> wrote:
>I think Mary Beth could probably take the joke better if it was meant as a
>joke. Look at your "post-script" to this message.

With due respect, I know what I wrote, and why.

Do you *really* think somebody would take offense at the notion of being
married? Really?? Come on.

>I really don't think you
>were joking, or if you were it's one of those jokes that is only a joke if
>you get caught, otherwise it's meant to sting.

That's really offensive. I have not called you a liar and have provided
no reason for you to suspect me of being a liar; why are you calling me

I have conducted myself honorably and honestly throughout my years
on the 'net, and all joking aside resent the hell out of your calling my
honesty into question.

I'm astounded at your sensitivity at the potential of a joke to "sting" when
this thread was started by a person asserting that I approve of sexual

Having been all but called a rapist and (by Lars) a fascist in the
span of two days, I tell a joke--and you're complaining that it wasn't


Bryant, disgusted