Re: Evolution, "adaptation", and what's currently adaptive

Stephen Barnard (
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 04:32:07 -0800

Paul Gallagher wrote:
> In <> Stephen Barnard <> writes:
> >Len Piotrowski wrote:
> >>
> >[a bunch a rambling defensive nonsense]
> >You have exposed yourself as a shoot-from-the-hip ignoramous with no
> >hesitation to pontificate on subjects about which you know nothing. So
> >why should I bother any longer?
> > Steve Barnard
> I think Len Piotrowski's posts are superb. I plan to keep copies of them.
> The Dawkins and Dennets and E.O.Wilsons of the world could learn from them.
> By the way, check out Somewhere in there
> is a good critique of Dawkins' scenario for the evolution of the vertebrate
> eye, which Bryant has been referring to.
> Paul
> Also, people who call other people "ignoramus" should check the spelling first.

Ooooo, a spelling mistake. I'm a rotten speller, and I admit it. Len,
on the other hand, pretends to know all about biology, when it is
obvious that he knows very little about it.

I tried for quite a while to get his point, but eventually it seemed
like there just wasn't any point to be gotten. Eventually his coy,
slippery way of arguing became too exasperating.

Steve Barnard

Steve Barnard