Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

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8 Sep 1996 11:23:35 -0600

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Mary Beth Williams <> wrote:
>>In article <50q1c1$>, Gerold Firl said:

>>I noticed that you wrote that bryant had a "theory" that rape was "ok"
>>because it's a "natural adaptation". Now, if you read what he wrote
>>above (the 3 paragraphs above yours) where he specifically states that
>>the naturalistic fallacy *is* a fallacy, and that rape is *not* ok, it
>>seems clear that only an english major (or a postmodernist
>>deconstructionalist postprocessualist ad nauseum) could reach such a
>Hey, wait a minute! As a thoroughly entrenched
>PM/PP/deconstructionist/Marxist/ad nauseum, I balk at the allegation
>that we would ever support such deterministic crap [...]

:) So we can trust y'all to stop pulling the naturalistic fallacy
nonsense whenever we discuss rape or infanticide or sexism? Fantastic!

>MB Williams