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8 Sep 1996 11:20:54 -0600

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[Mr. Firl wrote:]
>I noticed that you wrote that bryant had a "theory" that rape was "ok"
>because it's a "natural adaptation". Now, if you read what he wrote
>above (the 3 paragraphs above yours) where he specifically states that
>the naturalistic fallacy *is* a fallacy, and that rape is *not* ok, it

>* Sorry to dissapoint you, again, The last time I looked I was a human
>being ,I dont know if that counts in a degree course these days.

Is this supposed to answer Mr. Firl's comments in any way?

>If Bryant had contacted me on his subject matter I would have discused
>it with him.

I did contact you. Seeing the magnitude of your disconnect from reality,
as evidenced above, however, I think it's probably just as well that you
ignored me.


>The 'Old Craft' lady