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>|> >>For women, whose fear and/or experience of being raped can be
>|> >>overwhelming, ANY implication that it is a perfectly reasonable
>|> >>evolutionary strategy is insensitive, to say the least.
>|> >This notion that the evolutionary term "adaptive" has some kind of positive
>|> >meaning has got to be confronted and erased from the public psyche!
>|> >.................................................... Rape is a nasty
>|> >business. Does anybody really expect a nice, "acceptable" explanation
>|> >for it occuring? Or murder? Or infanticide? Or warfare?
>|> >.................... If nobody tries to understand these things, we
>|> >sure as hell aren't going to learn how to *stop* them from happening.
>|> Perhaps my memory is slipping ,but I do seem to recall, statistics
>|> showing that many rapists, do not eject, and do not leave semen in the
>|> vagina, Surely that is not a evoulutionary adaption, its just a need to
>|> control, to be powerfull, how can you fit your general theory that rape
>|> is ok, because it is a natural adaption into those statistics.
>Shez, are you an english major, by any chance? I have to ask, because
* No my college days were over long before you were born, for which I am
extremely gratefull.*

I noticed that you wrote that bryant had a "theory" that rape was "ok"
because it's a "natural adaptation". Now, if you read what he wrote
above (the 3 paragraphs above yours) where he specifically states that
the naturalistic fallacy *is* a fallacy, and that rape is *not* ok, it
seems clear that only an english major (or a postmodernist
deconstructionalist postprocessualist ad nauseum) could reach such a

* Sorry to dissapoint you, again, The last time I looked I was a human
being ,I dont know if that counts in a degree course these days.
For "ad nauseum" could I suggest Lemon balm tea, or if your desperate,
angustura Bitters.fairly drastic but it might bring up the dictionary ,
as well as the bile.
If Bryant had contacted me on his subject matter I would have discused
it with him.
As for your comments...(sigh) so pedantic, realy what do they teach you
at University these days.*

>|> to me those who rape a woman or a man, are the lowest form of life.
>|> it may not be a scientific theory , but it is mine.
>|> I am sure you will adapt and come up with an answer.
>You know how it is with all those rape-apologists. They'll do anything
>to try and make rape look ok - they'll even denounce rape to try and
>make it look ok!
>Let me tell you about my dinosaur theory sometime.
*I much prefer Proto theory. its much more malable.and so relevant to
modern society.*

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