Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Bryant (
8 Sep 1996 14:00:03 -0600

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Mary Beth Williams <> wrote:
>In <50uven$> (Bryant) writes:
Mary Beth said:
>>>Hey, wait a minute! As a thoroughly entrenched
>>>PM/PP/deconstructionist/Marxist/ad nauseum, I balk at the allegation
>>>that we would ever support such deterministic crap [...]

Bryant replied:
>>:) So we can trust y'all to stop pulling the naturalistic fallacy
>>nonsense whenever we discuss rape or infanticide or sexism?

Shocked, Mary Beth said in turn:
>*Stop pulling*? Didn't know I had started.

To my knowledge, you individually have not. You were speaking for a
group of folks, however, which does so regularly (see your comments,

I thought you were announcing a new trend in postmodern analysis
of evolutionary science. You said that "we" (you postmodern Marxist
types) would not support such "deterministic crap," by which I took you
to mean Shez's claim that I'm pro-rape because I argued that rape may be
an evolved behavior. Since Shez had provided a grotesque illustration of
the naturalistic fallacy in action (the illogic that "natural" = "good"),
I thought you were announcing an end to the use of it as a weapon by
critics of sociobiology.

It was also and perhaps more importantly meant as a joke.


P.s.: The implication that I am married (you asked when I stopped beating
my wife) offends the hell out of me.