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> : : <The question of whether Australian Aborigines do or don't have a
> : : <more
> : : <: direct relationship to Homo erectus than other races is a
> : : <matter of
> : : <: fact, and it should have no political overtones. In
> : : <particular, such a
> : : <: claim -- right or wrong -- does not necessarily imply a value
> : : <judgement.
> : : Of course it is a loaded question. It's the anthropological
> : : equivalent of a lawyer asking the defendant "Do you still beat
> : : your wife?" Bias in questioning has been an unfortuante plaque in
> : : anthropology.
> Hmm, broken post. Second try.
> So much dubious material has been posted in this newsgroup as a collection
> of individuals, for reasons which only they can answer for, "play doctor"
> with labels -- "amerind", "australoid", and who is or isn't H. sapiens sapiens.
> Reformatted.
> 31.8.96
> We are sending forth this Distress Signal where racism is building up at its
> worst in Australia. We are Nyungah Elders from the South-West of Australia.
> The Largest State in Australia is Western Australia where there is growth of
> racism in the Capital City of Perth. We are the guardians and keepers of the
> Ancient Religion and Culture in this area.
> All streets and parks and public transport which the public is supposed to
> be able to travel on freely including Aboriginal people, is under strict
> surveillance by the police force and other government bodies.
> Aboriginal children, teenagers, all ages and all walks of life cannot move
> freely to and from their homes, to shops or to the doctors€ surgeries or
> sitting at a public bus stop without being approached by the police force
> and asked their names. Even accompanied by their fathers and mothers into
> the City of Perth they are approached by the police and the children are
> questioned, even in front of their mother and father what they are doing
> in town, and their names and addresses.
> Police have made raids on Aboriginal communities by heavy large numbers of
> police vehicles, police officers, Alsatian dogs in vans.
> Our gaols are full of Aboriginal men and women. Juvenile Detention Centres
> are full of young Aboriginal boys and girls. Our young people are being
> killed when the police set up High Speed Car Chases to arrest them.
> It is a mass move towards total control of obedience that has splashed all
> over the nation of Aboriginal People.
> It is an on-going growth of Racism at its worst. It has finally crossed the
> grandmother of all Rivers which is the sea and spreaded itself in a country
> called Australia which has belonged since the beginning of time to the First
> People, the First Inhabitants, the Blackfellas of Australia. In White
> man's terms we are called "Aboriginals".
> We ask the Worldwide Internet no matter where you are to support
it in writing
> letters to the Prime Minister of Australia Mr John Howard and his Minister
> for Aboriginal Affairs Mr John Herron and all Premiers of each State of
> Australia and their Ministers for Aboriginal Affairs to deal with and stamp
> out this build-up of Racism against the first Inhabitants of Australia, us
> the Indigenous People, the Black People, the First Owners.
> Our Sacred Sites which are our Worship Places are constantly under attack.
> Rich men such as John Roberts of Multiplex was given a lease in 1992 by the
> Government of W.A. - $1 a year to build upon and damage and destroy our
> Sacred Site of Waugal (Rainbow Serpent) on the Swan River in Perth, Western
> Australia.
> The ex-Premier of W.A.Carmen Lawrence told the blackfellas to dig up and
> take away their Sacred Things from their Sacred Places at Marandaroo in the
> Pilbara area of Western Australia and she allowed a huge mining company
> to mine in there in 1992.
> State + Federal Governments have failed since 1988 to protect the site of
> a Mass Burial Ground on Rottnest Island where our Ancestors were taken in
> chains since 1838 from off their land to clear the way for the white-man.
> Lately in 1995 a bitumen road has been put right across the area without
> so much as talking to the Elders.
> A Burial Ground in Busselton, Western Australia has been dug up in August
> 1996 and our Ancestors Remains have had big machines grinding their bones
> into the ground and neither Government State or Federal would use their
> powers to protect their Bones and the final Resting Place of our Ancestors.
> The Sacred Valley of Jones Creek, the Path of Fearful Flight€, at Yackabindie
> in the Goldfields of Western.Australia is still under immediate and dangerous
> threat of a giant nickel mine.
> We are denied the right to practise our Ancient Religion and Culture. We
> cannot use our Sacred Sites freely. Our children cannot be taught our Law
> in the proper way at the teaching places at the Sacred Places. Our children
> have been taken away from us by force since 1905 and it is still going on.
> We were forced to venture out of this country by going to the United States
> of America in January 1996 to defend our Religion and Culture from the false
> information and childish lies of the American woman Marlo Morgan making
> mockery of our Ancient Culture in her book Mutant Message Down Under which
> is still being distributed by Harper-Collins and translated and a film being
> planned by United Artists to downgrade us the Original Owners and our struggle
> for survival since the white man stepped upon the foreshores of this Continent
> with a gun in one hand and a flag in the other and a Bible in his back pocket.
> The white Governments want to bombard and pressurise and attack us blacks
> and at the same time trying to get total control. They use a small mob of
> black people as a weapon. Their aim is to assimilate us to be 4th Class in
> his white society system - black on the outside and white in the middle.
> They are trying to damage the grassroots teenagers who don't accept the
> Whitefellas assimilation. The teenagers want to learn to read and write
> but they want to keep their roots, their Aboriginality, their blackfella
> lifestyle.
> In the end it comes back to our Culture and the Land. The Whitefella and
> his Government wants to stamp out our Culture so that he can forcibly control
> us by the white system and he can dig up and damage and destroy the Land
> and grab the minerals and ship them overseas - dollar signs in his eyes.
> He is expecting and saying to us the Original Owners "You're not allowed
> to have your Birthright, your Ancient Law and Culture and Religion and
> Heritage. You are not allowed to have recognition of your Starting Point in
> Life".
> --
> Kitakitamatsinohpowaw,
> Eric Brunner..................................................................
I really don't care about this PC bullshit, I've never heard
this idea before. Can someone imform me of it's pro's and