Ph.D. programs in archaeology/anthropology

Son of Traven (
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 23:50:42 GMT

I am posting this for my girlfriend.

We are interested in hearing about PhD programs in the western states. So
far I have:

Univ. of Arizona,
Arizona State University,
Univ. of Nevada-Reno,
Univ. of New Mexico,
Univ. of Utah,
Univ. of Colorado-Boulder,
Univ. of Washington, and
Univ. of Oregon.

Not much interested in Berkeley or Los Angeles, but other locations in
California would be considered. Interested in considering private
universities. Good chance of getting an assistantship a must. Person
applying has a diploma from Spain in art restoration with a major in
archaeology and is currently pursuing a master's in applied anthropology.
4.0 student. Good command of English and Spanish. As an undergraduate
restorer has worked with 3000-year-old bronze objects, has worked on the
conservation of a Roman mosaic, has cleaned old murals in churches and has
done cleanings of 17th through 19th canvas painting as a private
restorer. In other words, a very hands-on person. As a graduate student
has excavated a Mimbres village, has done sociological field work with
pregnant teenagers, has done site survey work, will probably do a thesis in
some area of archaeology and has developed more of an academic background as
well to compliment her applied knowledge.

I, the boyfriend, am a PhD field biologist, with lots of college teaching
experience and lots of work experience in environmental and agricultural
research. Willing work full-time if possible, but wouldn't mind working by
patching part-time jobs together or perhaps working seasonal, temporary with
someone like the National Park Service. Am bilingual English-Spanish with
some knowledge of French. Both of us like small town to country living and
outdoor activities. That is, we'd probably gather skip the degree than have
to live in some place like Los Angeles or Phoenix. For me personally, Reno
or Euguene is too big. But we know we can't have it all and we'd be happy
to hear from anyone with knowledge of the above institutions, i.e., we're
not ruling anything out, just stating our preferences. I personally have
been in all of the town above except Euguene and I definitely know which I

Thanks for any assistance you can give.