Re: Evolutionary purpose of female orgasm.

A scientist (
28 Sep 1995 11:19:48 GMT

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> In any case the film showed something interesting. It showed that
>during orgasm, the women's cervix points downward toward the rear
>wall of the vagina with each contraction. If this is true then it
>gives a clear reason for female orgasm: it causes conception to
>be more likely to take place since the sperm are more directly
>exposed toward the opening to the uterus.

Not really. The contractions assist conception, the pleasure remians
unexplained. Also the fact the female orgasm is relatively hard to
elicit suggests that more than maximizing the chances of conception
was being selected for. Other research indicates that women are more
likely to orgasm with partners they find particularly attractive, such
as their lovers, and less likely to orgasm with less interesting
partners, such as their husbands.

> However, if true, it also suggests that by and large we don't
>have sex properly to maximize conception.

Most of the time we are trying not to.

>As it usually happens
>with couples, the man gives his partner an orgasm first and then
>he has an orgasm afterwards-the man's orgasm usually signaling
>the end of sex. But this film suggests that as far as conception
>is concerned this is backward: the man should orgasm first and
>then the woman.

Well simultaneous would do the trick and that does seem quite
popular, if rarely achieved.