Evolutionary purpose of female orgasm.

Sat, 23 Sep 1995 08:52:57 UTC

The series on the Discovery channel _The Human Animal_ had
an interesting film segment during the human sexuality episode.
It showed what was purported to be a female orgasm photographed
_for the first time_ from within the vagina. First of all I find
this claim difficult to believe. Sex researchers have been using
various kinds of instrumentation since Master's and Johnson back
in the 60's. It's hard to believe that no one thought of filming
an orgasm internally until now.
In any case the film showed something interesting. It showed that
during orgasm, the women's cervix points downward toward the rear
wall of the vagina with each contraction. If this is true then it
gives a clear reason for female orgasm: it causes conception to
be more likely to take place since the sperm are more directly
exposed toward the opening to the uterus.
However, if true, it also suggests that by and large we don't
have sex properly to maximize conception. As it usually happens
with couples, the man gives his partner an orgasm first and then
he has an orgasm afterwards-the man's orgasm usually signaling
the end of sex. But this film suggests that as far as conception
is concerned this is backward: the man should orgasm first and
then the woman.
Was this actually well known before this film was made or is
this really new scientific information on female orgasm?

- Sex Meister

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