Re: If god exists, what created god?

Vyom Upadhye (
16 Sep 1995 18:36:40 GMT

Lightbearer ( wrote:
: Everybody is Right ! If you believe in God, God manifests. If you do
: not believe then God disappears. Each of us goes off into the direction
: of our most deeply held beliefs. God is characterized as male ("He")
: because it is an active creative/destructive process that cannot be
: grasped by our rational faculty.
: Ultimately, we are looking for what we are looking with !
: Krishna cut off the heads of the lower caste members who asked Him how
: they could find God ! They were deeply upset and didn't "get" the big
: message. To find God you must transcend your mind and senses, we must
: get "out of ourselves". Then a really big surprise awaits you !
: POP QUIZ ! What happens when God stops believing in Him/Her self ?
: We are all somewhat the Sorceror's Apprentices wielding power in ways
: that devour us !
: That's my 2 cents. Blessings to everyone !


Vyom Upadhya