A mailing list on context

Brezillon Patrick (brezil@laforia.ibp.fr)
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 08:46:44 +0000


The notion of context appears as a promising
challenge in a number of scientific domains
(e.g. , Artificial Intelligence), when it is
a crucial acknowledged problem in others
(e.g., Natural Language Processing). Only
during the year 1995 , several scientific
events (workshops and symposia) focused on
context in the domain of Artificial Intelli-

Now is the right time to have a real inter-
disciplinary forum where researchers, whose
work is concerned with the study and the
modelling of the context , may provide and
receive a support for their problems,present
their experiences, exchange information and
pointers, etc.

The access at the mailing list is opened to
persons wishing really to participate. A fee
is required: about 20 lines to present:
1. The domain in which you work and your
scientific activities
2. How context intervenes in your problem,
3. Which questions you wish to ask.

Please, note that:

(1) Subscription and specific questions must
be sent to:
Patrick Brezillon (brezil@laforia.ibp.fr)

(2) Use the subject of your mails to make the
topic of the mail precise,

(3) A FAQ for new participants would be main-
tained regularly.

Discussion will be by e-mail only by sending
general mail at:


I work in Artificial Intelligence and my
research concerns the design and development
of Intelligent Cooperative Systems for the
global objective, and more specifically on
the relationships between cooperation, expla-
nation and context.I have participated in the
organization of two workshops on context at
IJCAI in 1993 (France) and 1995 (Canada), and
consider context as the key factor for the
improvement of cooperation, the explanation
generation and the incremental knowledge ac-

The context that I consider is the context of
the interaction between a human and a machine.
My goal is to make context explicit to model
it and improve the human-machine interaction
and also human-human interaction through a

Modelling context implies to address questions
as: Is context knowledge or a mechanism to
tackle knowledge? How to exploit context to
improve the acquisition, representation, rea-
soning about,and the explanation of knowledge?
In cooperative systems,how context can improve
the cooperation between a human and a machine
in problem solving?


Your turn now.