Dannie Hawkins (
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 03:42:59 GMT

Swan: You have asked some very good questions that need to be nswered.
Others have also "questioned" their individual and/or racial
worthiness for various reasons. That question is coming up more often
lately. A few have legitimate concerns, but most do not. Individual
worth, or the lack thereof, in relation to certain Known
"hand-me-down" genetic problems, the intelligent choice would
certainly be Not to pass them down.

Alcoholism is not a simple-to-define genetic problem. There are Many
and Various reasons why persons *become* alcoholics etc. Many levels
of "abuse" exist also. To paint the cause of ALL those problems with
the broad "bad gene" brush is a mistake. Only persons lacking an
understanding of human natures would deny that persons (or a people)
who lose a large degree of control over their lives, can and do become
Less than Whole in many ways, with many becoming candidates for
some form of "self-abuse" through drugs, alcohol, "outlaw" activities,
etc. Even Strong-Willed "civilized" and *christianized* persons who
find themselves in totally Powerless situations may well become
"victims of that society" in the form of alcoholism etc. It is their
way of escaping "prison" And possibly "hellfire" too, by Not *doing*
what they *felt* they should do, to bring changes in their dire

It is highly unlikely alcoholism was a problem within any group of Any
Kind who lived outside *economic based* social orders, but Did live
inside *social based* economic orders. The basic difference between
the two systems is Greed versus Need, but the difference runs much
deeper. Problems caused by Greed Orders are world-wide, and leave
practically nothing untouched. Greed systems need humans, lots of
them. *Growth* of consumers is the heart and soul of economic based
systems. Modern man faces much more stress etc., because of those
systems, and will pay the price one way or another for his devotion to
the cause of modern economics. Too many people forget or don't realize
that Earth is a sealed recycling unit that will tolerate only so much
misuse before taking corrective measures.

Mental and physical Prisons are less stressful and more peaceful when
drugs are plentiful. Physical prisons offer a good study of several
important human natures. If a person's ability to adapt to his
environment is viewed as a plus in all situations, the physical
prisoner who becomes mentally institutionalized would have to be
viewed in a positive light. Mentally institutionalized inmates are
nothing more than sheep-minded individuals who are loved by systems
masters. They become living cells of the *thing that swallowed them,
thus allowing IT to continue its "evolutionary journey" at the expense
of their own. Therefore his individual worth is nil, in terms of
so-called higher evolutionary goals. He is the "field fodder" for
whomever controls the field he happens to be in. However,
many persons now claim this low human nature is an admirable trait, a
positive step in Survival of the Fittest. That is the Way of happy
slaves and cowards. It is also a miserable attempt to magnify personal
low Natural Worth onto a higher self-deceiving plane.

Persons ranging from high Natural Worth to No worth exist within All
Kind. True Worth Will Not Necessarily Follow Family Lines. THAT is in
Mother Nature's hands, and always will be. Because of white Aryan
Kind's disproportionate low numbers on Earth, around 12%, we only
contribute to our racial handicap when healthy Aryans refuse to follow
Nature's Purpose. The death of All white Aryans will not solve Earth's
environmental or human problems. Anthropological subdivisions of
greater white Aryan Kind serves no purpose in this existence struggle,
Other than that of the *ANTI-White* Movement. All white Aryan people
who do not hold Anti-Nature beliefs could become candidates for Aryan
Barbarian societies.