Re: Life Duty Death

Raven (
13 Sep 1995 15:35:13 GMT

swan ( wrote:
| Also, Mexico is a debtor nation. It cannot AFFORD the people it has NOW.

The United States is a debtor nation, in fact the world's biggest debtor.

That had nothing to do with population, it had to do with fiscal idiocy
at the helm. Before Reagan, the United States was the world's biggest
CREDITOR -- in six years, we became the world's biggest DEBTOR, sheerly
through the budgetary and trade deficits that were built into Reaganomics.
(I wonder why the Republicans never mention this legacy of their rule.)

The population level didn't change that much in six years.

Mexico got caught on the wrong side of petroleum prices, and -- thanks to
the same sort of leadership Reagan gave the USA -- had its previous profits
mismanaged and/or blatantly embezzled, so that it lacked any "cushion".

The population levels are not the cause of either of these debts.

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