Re: Life Duty Death

Raven (
13 Sep 1995 15:20:50 GMT

Joseph Askew ( wrote:
| "Marty G. Price" <mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu> writes:
[Joseph Askew wrote:]
| >> Fine. I actually speak Chinese and I will tell you there
| >> is no such thing as the First Law of Karma but why let
| >> the truth get in the way of your other delusions?
| >
| >I'm not Buddhist (I guess you believe the Chinese are?)
| Me and 1.2 billion Chinese.

First you claim that speaking Chinese makes you an authority on "karma"
(a Sanskrit term), now you claim that all Chinese are Buddhists????

Joseph, you're talking through your hat. You're pretending to knowledge
that you clearly don't have, since if you did you wouldn't make these goofs.

What dialect do you speak? Mandarin? Yue? Wu? Hakka? Xiang? Gan?
Minbei? Minnan? Do you have any skill with the WRITTEN language? How many
characters do you know? What animal is ten thousand? What tree is a doctor?

In what Chinese text did you read anything at all about "karma"? By whom?
In what characters was the word "karma" written? In how many strokes?

Surely such a great scholar as yourself can answer these simple questions!

I myself make no such overweening claims, as if speaking a language made one
an expert in all the philosophies ever spoken of in that language, so I will
wait in humility and patience for enlightenment from the honorable sage.

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