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14 Sep 1995 04:10:25 GMT

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>This thread does NOT belong here. Can't we get rid of it?
I agree that the thread is inapproriate ot some of the newsgroups posted
to. You, however, did not say where you are reading it, so you have no
way of telling the rest of us what to trim out of our followups.
Personally, while I find Mr. Hawkins distasteful at best, this particular
thread seems to have provoked some interesting discussion, so I'm
continuing to follow it.

Swan, you bring up some interesting thoughts. Personally, my take on the
idea of kin extends beyond genetic lines. My blood family, for the most
part, disgusts me. I am descended from a long line of alcoholics,
luckily, both my parents escaped this disease, and I am healthy and sound
in mind and body. However, I feel no urge to continue my bloodline. My
value to my clan is my mind, not my DNA. I will put my intellect to work
in a manner not unlike a warrior to create the best living conditions for
my clan, and ultimately, society at large. But, in my case, very few
members of my clan are related to me by blood.


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