Re: Life Duty Death

swan (
13 Sep 1995 19:12:00 GMT

Genocide of the poor, my Aunt MINNIE! If a poor family can afford to rais
one or two or three children, so be it. I have no problem with that. six
or eight I DO have a problem with.

Note that I was APPLAUDING what the MEXICAN government has decided to do
with ITS OWN citizenry! Now, Mexico is heavily Catholic. Catholics are
AGAINST sterilization and birth control. Now why do you SUPPOSE the
GOVERNMENT of such a country would SUPPORT sterilization programs? Could
it be that they feel backed against the wall by their burgeoning
populations? why does China have such programs? Why does India give a
bounty to each person that opts for sterilization?

Answere these questions for me. Tell me why many predominantly Catholic
nations and many overpopulated nations such as India and China regard
their own numbers with alarm?

Can you?