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> Upon hearing the term "Barbarian," mental images come into focus of big hairy,
> scary looking creatures that would make normal men seek a place to take cover.
> That image is Fun Thoughts and movie material. "Barbarian" is an *attitude* that
> may be present in someone of *Any size* or sex, but usually it rests quietly in
> certain males. The Barbarian attitude is in the "soul" of persons selected by
> Mother Nature to carry out Natural missions of life from time to time. Persons
> carrying this burden may not realize their predestination until summoned for
> that Natural Duty. This could happen with or without their full understanding.
> The Barbarian attitude is another Best Kept Secret of Mother Nature. No one can
> paint a picture of this attitude, it is The Grand Deceiver.
> _Mother Nature Endures_

Good grief!

Take this comic book (and it is comic book, the actual original Conan
stories weren't this dumb) view of the world off of alt.pagan, Mr. dannie
the Barbarian.

Followups have been fixed, to the *relevant* newsgroup in this spam.

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