Re: Life Duty Death

Bryant (
11 Sep 1995 19:18:17 -0600

>> >> We are
>> >>not even dying. On the contrary we are richer, happier,
>> >>longer lived, better educated, with more leisure time
>> >>than at any time in the past. Deal with it.

How does conservation of resources do anything but extend the length of
this high standard of living?

>> >Actually we have all this at the expense of our environment.
>> No we do not. We have it with our environment.

You're apparently unaware of the loss of topsoil, the increasing
fertilizer/pesticide subsidies per unit of food produced, the problems of
water pollution which make fish from over a third of North American
waterways dangerous to eat, etc. Rather than (either of you) arguing
from ideology, you may want to do some substantial reading before making
silly assertions.

You may also want to find an appropriate newsgroup
(say, talk.environment) for your discussion.