Re: Life Duty Death

Joseph Askew (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 22:39:39 GMT

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950911190005.24983C-100000@Ra.MsState.Edu> "Marty G. Price" <mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu> writes:

>> Fine. I actually speak Chinese and I will tell you there
>> is no such thing as the First Law of Karma but why let
>> the truth get in the way of your other delusions?

>I'm not Buddhist (I guess you believe the Chinese are?)

Me and 1.2 billion Chinese.

>or Hindu or the
>member of any other Eastern religion. I know karma is originally an
>Eastern term, but I don't use it in precisely that fashion---did you note
>that you're posting to alt.pagan?

So like Humpty Dumpty a word means just what you want and
nothing more? Nice for you.

>> Fine. Lucky for you I'm not trying to ruin your life
>> like you are trying to ruin mine.

>Actually you are. You are demanding the right to continue poisoning the
>air that I must breathe, the water I must drink, and the Earth I depend
>on for sustanence.

No. You live in America. I live here. You are not going to
breathe, drink or commune with the air or water or earth I
don't poison. I have the right. You demand a police state
to take away my rights.

>You are claiming the right to behave as one of a
>plague of locusts during a feeding frenzy. Do you know what locusts do
>to the country they cross? Or that, in non-plague times, they appear as
>a quite ordinary variety of grasshopper?

I know exactly what locusts do. So what? There is no
parallel outside your mind.

>We have the choice. We can be a stable part of the ecosystem, or can be

Locusts have every right to be locusts. Also they are stable
you just need a longer time frame.

>The amazing thing about your responses, by the way, is your failure to
>cite a single accurate fact in any of them. You pass off all arguments
>with a shoulder-shrugging "nonsense," as though reality need never
>intervene if you keep up your defenses.

If you had been following this and other threads you would
have noticed all the facts are mine. But then I am not the
one making the claims. You claim that the world is being
poisoned but demand I prove it isn't. This is stupid. You
think it is, you make the claim, you prove it. So far all
we have had is your whining and nothing else. If I haven't
cited any facts I am not the only one. What I have said
time and time again is that there is no evidence for any
of your claims. Which there isn't.

>No, I've no interest in shooting you. One day, I expect, you will run
>across a fact, and the pure sight of it will cause you to drop over dead.

Perhaps that is so. I suspect that you are too blind to
notice a fact when you see one. And of course when nuts
like you are in power you will be shooting people left
right and centre. Sad really.