Re: Human evolution and religious beliefs.

Elliot Richmond (
11 Sep 1995 18:29:28 GMT

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> How do you counter religious beliefs in Adam and Eve with evolution? I
am in a debate
> at the moment, and need to know some tips and tricks in the on going
fight for science
> against hardline religious faiths.

I am reminded of the maxim: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes
your time and annoys the pig.

Probably you are wasting your time trying to convince anyone who believes
Adam and Eve were actual, living persons who single handedly began the
human species around 6000 years ago. I hope without starting a flame war,
I suggest that such a person understands neither science nor the Christian
Bible. Certainly they do not understand the theological purpose of the
Adam and Eve story.

However, if you don't mind annoying them, you might ask which creation
story they prefer, the one where YHWH creates Adam and Eve from mud or the
one where Eve is created from Adam's rib. (By the way, my mother lived
for 80 years, firm in the conviction that men have one fewer rib than

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