Gwendoly Piper (
11 Sep 1995 03:59:50 GMT

Actually, the "barbarian" cares for his own tribe, treats visitors with
respect, and fights his immediate neighbors for resources when
necessary, regardless of whether they be the same ethnicity, and who
makes war for any other reason would be considered a danger to the
survbival of ther tribe.

A barbarian would not waste time, energy, and resources waging vendettas
against people he will never meet.

We understand that white culture was subjugated by the Judeo-Christian stuff;
they learned a lot from us, too.

I would be very interested in exactly what religious experiences you have
had, and just how you think this behavior serves the Lady or Her people...

Do you really think you're doing anything but defame Her?
Do you really *want* to hear anything but excuses to hate?

I suppose it's our fault, really, as aspiring Pagan clergy: we must have
failed to reach you somehow. I've really been hoping that all of this
lipservice you guys have been giving to the Old Ways might bring your
trouble to the Lady's attention....

But maybe you haven't been listening...
See, the way the sides are breaking down,
the first cultures that will go under to right-wing attacks on diversity

will be what's left of the old European ones.

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