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10 Sep 1995 22:58:23 GMT

dannie hawkins <71726.3204@CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>The *Barbarian (Natural Warrior) Attitude* is almost as misunderstood within the
>minds of those who promote the "Ethnostate" as it is in the population at large.
>As "empires" began to rot and die, those possessing the Barbarian Attitude will
>either save their individual Kind or they will not. No One or Thing [other than
>the Barbarian] will save a Kind. IF the Barbarian Attitude has been Successfully
>Undermined (as is the case of "civilized" societies) the Kind, whose continued
>existence has come into question, will not long have that question to remain
>unanswered. White Aryan Kind Will Die IF [they] refuse to un-cage the minds of
>their Barbarians. "Un-caging minds" simply means that No One should continue
>faulting those who escaped that mental jail, Or those who followed their Natural
>Barbaric inclinations in misunderstood ways, and do not fault those who in all
>probability soon Will. Furthermore, this attitude should be more widely
>recognized for its Absolute Natural Necessity relative to Kind or group Survival.
>Barbarism is not a "movement," it is a frame of mind beyond the control of any
>human Kind, group, system, or organization. "Reactionary forces" (systemites et
>al) cannot destroy those possessing this attitude. They are unrecognizable. The
>Barbarian too, may be unaware of his Nature Programmed Purpose until *feeling*
>his Grand Purpose. Never has a True Warrior class been so debased as in the
>artificially "cultured" societies that exist today, societies HE made possible.
>Maybe it is time to rethink this thought of returning the Barbarian to his cage
>if this struggle is successful. Perhaps the Barbarian follows Natural Thought
>more closely even in times when his attitude is not in demand. As a member of
>that most high order, the Order of Mother Nature, Why should he allow non
>Barbarians to set up their synthetic cultures again? Something to think about.
> _Mother Nature Endures_

At least you are admitting the obvious: you are barbarians.

Civilized Man

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