Re: Life Duty Death

York (
6 Sep 1995 00:11:57 GMT

swan ( wrote:
: next three generations! I read an article in the paper about Mexico
: sterilizing women. Bravo! WE should do likewise! We will not, and that is would deny a woman's right to choose?

: the pity. It is one thing to allow personal freedoms when you are on dry
: land, and quite another when you are sitting in a crowded lifeboat and
: some passengers want to gouge a hole in the bottom of the boat because
: they feel they have a right to!
: result of changes in the land and WE ARE DYING!

: And now... JUST as some of the measures Americal took to change and
: repair things are beginning to take effect, the Repuglycans are in ahd
: dismantling the laws and regulations that support them!

...........i believe that one of the primary focuses of the Republicans is
anti-choice, you are beginning to resemble what you revile


: Swan