Re: If god exists, what created god?

Joey T. (unknown@)
5 Sep 1995 18:54:24 GMT

In article <42ef96$>, (Vincent Sargenti) says:
>You guys are all beings that are going to die,
> The Eagle is the source of all energy in all of creation. God is an
>IDEA that you hold in your mind not an infinite source of
>inconceivable power that directly perceive. Read the work of your
>college Carlos Castaneda. He is doing something truly revolutionary in
>the feild and for all the people of the world. Who created god is an
>assinine question. How do i perceive the source of creation would be a
>more informed query. It's time to wake up and smell the santa clause
> Vincent Sargenti
You people are all missing the whole point. Whats
the difference where God, or the idea of God came from?
All I can remember from my catechism back in grammer school
is the first question and answer:
What is God?
God is good.
Point being, what ever christianity, or other religons tell us
is good. Is any thing that Christ or Budda, or mohammed taught bad?
Basiclly they tell us how to get along togather in a civilized way, is that
The ten commandments, love thy neighbor as thy self, do unto others
you would have them do unto you. These are the important things, not who or
where they came from.
When the people of the world understand this, is when the world will
be saved from hurting itself. and thats the heaven, thats the utopia, thats
the nirvana that they are all talking about.
So you can talk about smelling the santa clause. but remember it's not
the messenger thats important, but the message.