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> I have spent many years studying anthropology.

Oh, please clarify. When and how did you study anthropology?

> It was my understanding that
> anthropology was the unbiased study of cultures. What is this garbage that you
> people are talking about under the guise of anthropology.
> Cultural anthropology deals with the cultures of non western civilization
There's no need (that I'm aware of) to limit anthropology to `non-western'
cultures, unless you're only in it for cheap `look at the native' thrills.

> Physical anthropology deals with the remains of once living creatures
> Archaeology deals with the material remains of once living creatures
Humans. Anthropology is about *humans*.

> Linguistics deals with the history and make up of language.

One out of four ain't bad.

> If I have confused anyone I'm sure you will share it with me.


> Are there any scholars here?

Hard to tell. Nobody's shown me their diploma.

> I figure not, who would want to be caught dead on
> a system that uses Darwinian theory to justify racism.

Are you new to the "system"? sci.anthropology is a *public* *forum* --
that means (unfortunately) that there's nothing to stop Dannie Hawkins
and his ilk from acting out here. But that doesn't make him an anthropologist,
and doesn't mean anybody's condoning his actions. From what I can see,
most of the newsgroup's participants are obviously disagreeing with him.

> Or who use anthropology
> to speak of the struggle of blackwomen.

I must have missed whatever thread you're complaining about, but actually,
black women *are* a legitimate subject for anthropology, because they are
*human*. (As to whether the thread is very anthropological, I don't know;
I just don't like the nature of this complaint.)

> Incredible

You most certainly are.

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