Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Alan Roberts (
4 Sep 1995 15:50:52 GMT

Iain Coleman (iain) wrote:
: (Robert Roosen) wrote:
: >Iain Coleman (iain) wrote:
: >: (Robert Roosen) wrote:
: >: > The Big Bang cosmology is the creation myth of the
: >: >Military/Industrial Complex.
: >
: >: Gets sillier, doesn't it?

Certainly does.

<snip for sanity's sake>

: >: Do you, in fact, have a clue?
: >
: >Yes. Here it is: Where does your salary come from? Have you ever heard
: >of "conflict of interest"?
: >
: My shekels are generously provided by the Particle Physics and Astronomy
: Research Council, which is funded by the taxpayer. Any "conflict of
: interest" is a product of your fevered imagination - unless John Major is
: counting on gravitational lensing to win him the next election, in which
: case he's even more desperate than I thought.

I've had similar conversations with Dr. Roosen, possibly about "conflict
of interest", although after five e-mailings from him, I still wasn't
sure what he was trying to tell me. Perhaps it's he who has the problem?

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