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3 Sep 1995 08:50:56 GMT

swan ( wrote:

: What we NEED to do is to attach foreign aid to birth ontrol/sterilization
: mathods! "You want to eat? Sure! But don't expect us to feed your
: GRANDCHILDREN!!" Humans are animals, like ALL animals. We, like cattle,
: pigeons, whatever, will expand our numbers as the food supply increases!

I don't think this is, of necessity, so!

: Pagans must keep the old social forms in reserve to become teachers whern
: the crash occurs, WHICH IT WILL. The die off is beginning. People wonder
: why cancer deaths stay the same after all the research funding poured
Cancer in humans is, one should note, far less common than in many

: ... All our science will to avail in the end BECAUSE it is
: science that GOT us in this fix!

: Pagans and third world people, people who revere the past WITH the past's
: lower crop yields, higher disease counts and greater mortality will be
: the ones who survive!

I suppose you enjoy being sick, enjoy seeing your children die
hideously of diseases Easily Preventable by modern science??? I suppose
you don't like using computers, either? What about central heating, hot
showers, and relatively bacteria free water flowing from a faucet inside
your home??? You prefer a dirt floor hovel, maybe??? Scarlet fever,
Dengue fever, typhus, maleria, whooping cough, and all those plagues
modern science brought under control???

Science is not without it's problems. I submit, however, that the
increasing comfort and increasing life span is a MEASURE of the Success
of science as a means of understanding and dealing with the world. We are
still learning. Are you? Or are you one of those people who dislike
learning anything but the word of whatever version of the creator you
I do admit that evolution is important. However, we are beginning to
reach the point where it will soon be irrelevant due to our growing
ability to understand and tinker with genes.
As to food supply, we are continuing to produce better, more plentiful
crops. America, you might come to find out, Exports foodstuffs like
grain to the rest of the world. Thanks, in no small part, to Science and
Americans Will Not Stand for a reversion to the bad old days you speak
of. We will riot in the streets before any oppressive form of government
demands our sterilization, or takes away our techno-toys! It took far
less to incite us to overthrow colonial rule! There are men practicing in
the woods with rifles right now who will lay down their lives for the
standard of living we have been able to create with Science and
Technology. (I am not up to such a struggle myself, preferring the written
word as my media of combat against such assinine ideas. Why shoot people
if you can discredit ideas?)
As far as biomass may be concerned, the insects may own this world,
but they have some darned stiff competitions from us hominids!

We DO need to conserve, and watch our consumption of non-renewables.
But our recycling efforts, etc., pitiful as they are at this stage of our
growth, are showing that we can do something about our consumption. I do
not see global civilization failing as isolated civilizations have failed

Oh, by the way, trade was endemic even in the stone age. Stone for
arrowheads was gathered in one part of Europe, traded to another part
where large quantities of finished and partly finished arrowheads were
found, then traded across all of the European continent, even to England.
If there is any true religion of humanity, or generally universal belief,
it is Trade! Where do you think the saying "Do unto others as you wish
them to do unto you" comes from? It is the perfect trader saying! This
has been shown to win out over all but one strategy in long term
simulations. The other strategy is, "Do unto others as you wish them to
do unto you the first time, then do as you are done unto."
Jesus what's his name did not originate that statement. He just
popularized it a bit.

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