Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

1 Sep 1995 23:24:23 GMT

Dan Hughes <> writes:
>By definition, the current popular theory is almost assuredly in
>error. Man has _always_ believed that he had enough information
>to support _whatever_ the popular theory of the time was and has
>_always_been_wrong_. Of course, you would have about as much
>luck then as now convincing anyone of that fact. Man has a
>tendency to believe that the currently popular theory is _always_
>the one with that is _correct_. Any flat earth people still
>An open mind would do more to discover the ultimate theory of the
>origin of the universe than teaching the current popular model.

I think it takes a pretty open mind to accept the Big Bang.
Astronomers use it only as a model, and even proponents have trouble
with the missing mass question, etc.

Even astronomers (get away from that damn scope and help me out here
for a minute, guys) don't BELIEVE in the Big Bang hypothesis; it's just
a very good model, with which observation tends to bear out.

I don't pretend to understand fully the distribution of galaxies
argument against it - I'll wait till one of those guys gets away from
the scope to help me out with that - but criticizing one leg of the
elephant doesn't explain the beast away.

Why do so many insist on calling the Big Bang a belief system? Does it
threaten them somehow?

Wayne Johnson