Re: life duty death

Julie Locascio (
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 18:19:06

>but a totally idiot would agree that: If humans numbers continued to increase
>at the present rate, there will be No Future for humans, in particular "civil-
>ized" societies, and certainly not white Aryan Kind

Anybody but a total idiot knows that human numbers will NOT continue to
increase at the present rate. Why don't you and your Aryan buddies take a
demography class? Our growth rate has already slowed and will continue to

. As we speak, research scientist
>at LSU announced with great excitement that they may be getting close to
>isolating the gene that "causes" aging, and the media excitedly reported as an
>"I can hardly wait" issue.

Well, it is "natural" to avoid death--all animals seek to survive. I agree
that this is a bit extreme, but you can hardly call it unnatural. One could
even use this issue to argue why humans are different than animals--humans are
much MORE likely to accept calmly their impending deaths.
Yes, human civilized systems Are very complex, as opposed to
>primitive societies. This is not natural nor desirable,

Of course it is natural--how else would those systems have evolved into
being!!! Leaf-cutter ants have evolved their community system,
wild horses have evolved their community system, dolphin pods have
evolved their community system, and so have human beings. Just
because it is more complex than you would like to deal with, does
not make it unnatural. Some days I don't feel like dealing with it
either, but I am hardly going to reject all the things I don't like
while still benefitting from the things I do like--for EXAMPLE,
computers (or are you communicating with us telepathically?).

I am not sure I can continue this thread--certain people have advised me that
you are a troll! I am trying to form an independent opinion, however....