Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Dan Hughes (
1 Sep 1995 21:43:37 GMT (ARKYJAY) wrote:
> The big bang is the current view of the origin of our universe for
> those who take a scientific approach to the world. It can be considered a
> creation myth for those of this cosmology,but is hardly a military
> industrial conspiracy. If you do not choose to accept it as a reality,
> you are free to believe in creation myths involving gods, cheese or even
> hamsters for that matter, but the Big Bang should be taught in schools as
> science and not religion. This is because it is intimately involved with
> our knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry etc. Therefore it
> behooves our educational system to teach about the Big Bang. The concept
> of the Big Bang is still open to scientific debate, it simply requires a
> considerable investment in time to master the details necessary to
> develop a convincing argument against the Big Bang-unless you take the
> shortcut and simply discount there being any validity in any of the
> sciences, in which case you have left the realm of debate and entered the
> realm of belief, where discussion ends and feuding begins.

The big bang is only the most popular view of the origin of the
universe. Opposition to the big bang theory does not necessarily
mean that creation myths are the only alternative. The big bang
has many problems that prevent it from being acceptable as a
cosmology ( Hubble constant, inflationary requirement, distribution
of matter, etc)

If educators could teach more about the phenomenon that can be
observed (redshift and _all_ of the possible explanations) rather
than teaching the current popular theory, we might raise up
people who were creative enough to develop theories that were
better supported by the evidence.

By definition, the current popular theory is almost assuredly in
error. Man has _always_ believed that he had enough information
to support _whatever_ the popular theory of the time was and has
_always_been_wrong_. Of course, you would have about as much
luck then as now convincing anyone of that fact. Man has a
tendency to believe that the currently popular theory is _always_
the one with that is _correct_. Any flat earth people still

An open mind would do more to discover the ultimate theory of the
origin of the universe than teaching the current popular model.