Re: Revitalization Movements (NRMs)

Daniel Maltz (
31 Aug 1995 05:02:26 GMT

Your recent message contains the following:

|Revitalization Movements (NRMs)
|. . .
|NRMs stands for New Religious Movements.
|Any researchers out there? I've done extensive research on the
|Unification Church. I'd like to converse with others holding an
|interest in the anthropology of religion in general. Revitalization
|movements in particular.

I was wondering why you choose to contextualize the Unification
Church as a "Revitalization Movement" or "NEW" religious movement
rather than simply as a recent current in Christian history within the
same, now rather large, wing of Christianity as other fundamentalist,
evangelical, and pentecostal churches. My own research on Pentecostalism
led me to question whether words like "revitalization" and "new" were more
misleading than helpful when applied to recent Christian history.