Re: Life Duty Death

swan (
1 Sep 1995 18:43:50 GMT

While this is off-topic for Alt.pagan, I feel it necessary to respond.
Some of what you say is VERY true. We must STOP "feeding the children"!
Every time I see Sally Struthers whining about the poor starving
children, I think 'Yeah, they're the children of the children we fed LAST
time around!!'

What we NEED to do is to attach foreign aid to birth ontrol/sterilization
mathods! "You want to eat? Sure! But don't expect us to feed your
GRANDCHILDREN!!" Humans are animals, like ALL animals. We, like cattle,
pigeons, whatever, will expand our numbers as the food supply increases!
Like deer populations, we eat and eat and breed and breed until the
rexources are exhausted and then comes the "crash". So far, we have
scientifically tap danced around this issue. We can't keep it up forever!

Where this ties in with Paganism is simple. Gaia ia being overrun and
parasitized! I hat to say it, but this is where the "White Aryan race"
has done the worst damage! WE developed the science to make it so. WE
developed the programs to support ever growing numbers. It is up to
pagans and other concerned people to REALIZE that the Third World
cultures when they were UNTAMPERED WITH resulted in lower populations due
to lower crop yields and more disease. We have fcked their societies up
ROYAL! We will pay the price. THERE IS NO OUT!
Pagans must keep the old social forms in reserve to become teachers whern
the crash occurs, WHICH IT WILL. The die off is beginning. People wonder
why cancer deaths stay the same after all the research funding poured
into the problem. We wonder why drive by shootings and urban violence is
so prevalent. We cannot understand why old diseases such as TB and
cholera are regaining footholds and newer diseases such as AIDS and Ebola
virus, Hantavirus and Lassa fever are emerging. It is Gaia. She is trying
frantically to correct what the White Aryan Race did to her.
If there is ANY race and culture that needs to either re-learn or be
eliminated, it is US! We did it, we are paying for it and we will
continue to pay. All our science will ot avail in the end BECAUSE it is
science that GOT us in this fix!

Pagans and third world people, people who revere the past WITH the past's
lower crop yields, higher disease counts and greater mortality will be
the ones who survive!