Re: If god exists, what created god?

Bill Heidrick (
30 Aug 1995 14:41:03 GMT (Corey Brand) writes:

>>The answer is you created god!

>That is an arrogant, uneducated statement. As much as you give yourself
>credit, mankind is not capable of original thought. We merely rearrange the

>To believe we created God is to give ourselves a credibility we do not have.

How else could that myth exist? The ultimate deity is beyond the limitation
of space and time, therefore creation is a myth itself, the product of
the entities inhabiting the apparent universe through their attempts to
understand the incomprehensible. Of course we create god.
However, if you mean that it is impossible to believe that we
created god and then to believe in that same god, you have a more substantial
argument. Such an argument still falls, owing to the ability of humans
to hold mutually contradictory opinions simultaneously.

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Bill Heidrick