Re: Barney created GOD???

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30 Aug 1995 12:22:09 GMT

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<title>Barney Image Archive</title>
<h1>This is a small archive of Barney images</h1>
<li><a href=badshows.gif><img align=middle></a>
The Top Five Lowest Rated "Barney" Episodes<p>
<li><a href=dr-fun-10-8-93.jpg><img align=middle></a>
Scenes cut from Jurassic Park: Velociraptors Devour a Barney
(Doctor Fun)<p>
<a href=dr-fun-11-22-93.jpg><img align=middle></a>
Barney the Dinosaur's recurring fantasy
(Doctor Fun)<p>
<li><a href=df-fun-2-8-94.jpg><img align=middle></a>
When parents finally flip (Doctor Fun)<p>
<li><a href=jp-color.gif><img align=middle></a>
Barney wonder into Jurassic Park<p>
<li><a href=barney-card.gif><img align=middle></a>
"Are you really that hungry"<p>
<li><a href=road-kill.gif><img align=middle></a>
B'Harne road kill<p>
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