Ghost and the Darkness movie question

Sat, 26 Oct 1996 21:56:17 -0400

Does anyone know anything about the story presented in the recent
moview Ghost and the Darkness. Film-makers present the story as being
true. It took place in a place called Salvo (I think) where in 1898 an
engineer (Patterson) was working for the Brittish to build a bridge across
a river (what river?). At least 50 workers got killed by lions. Charles
Remington (I think) was a hunter that helped kill the lions. He used
Masai to help him.
Any truth to this movie story?
Any facts known about it?
Pretty good movie, but seems too amazing to be true. Interesting
that it focuses somewhat on the difficulties of keeping different
ethnicities working together as low-wage/slave? labor in trying