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Robert Rodgers (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 17:48:19 GMT (Judith Datz) wrote:
>Bill, I believe that there are/were similar sex "acts" in most
>primitive/non-Western/ancient societies. The difference being in the
>purpose of the act. Bryant references the Yanomano, perhaps the best
>example of a sexually brutal society. However, much of the ferocity
>of the Yanomano comes out of the sexual imbalance of the society--too
>many men, not enough women. In our "modern" society, sex crimes are
>less about sex and more about control.

If "date rape" and such crimes make up the majority of sex crimes in
our society, I'd argue that it's pretty clear that most sex crimes in
this country are about sex, not control, and that real "control"
crimes are in the vast minority.

Most "date rape" style crimes involve orgasm on the part of the
perpetrator and (perhaps a simulation of) actual sex. The same is not
true of the more brutal sex crimes.

>Primitive societies knew that
>the best way to control the society ws to control the women.

How do you know what Primitive Societies knew?

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