sex crimes

Judith Datz (
12 Oct 96 18:20:01 -0700

Bill, I believe that there are/were similar sex "acts" in most
primitive/non-Western/ancient societies. The difference being in the
purpose of the act. Bryant references the Yanomano, perhaps the best
example of a sexually brutal society. However, much of the ferocity
of the Yanomano comes out of the sexual imbalance of the society--too
many men, not enough women. In our "modern" society, sex crimes are
less about sex and more about control. Primitive societies knew that
the best way to control the society ws to control the women. Sex as
control and power is quite prevalent in many cultures. However, as
our primatology colleagues will tell us, chimpanzees and gorillas are
known to rape -- is that desire or control?