Re: Pope and Evolution...

Sat, 26 Oct 1996 09:21:50 -0400

While the theory of evolution may clash with a literal
interpretation of the Christian bible, it doen't clash with religious
concepts in general.
Some people think that one needs to be an atheist in order to
accept scientific principles and ideas. That, I think, is a mistake.
Science interprets the empirical. Religion interprets the spiritual.
It is well within the confines of science that natural, observable
phenomenon (the empirical) can be explained by, or caused by, the
spiritual. This is true because science has absolutely nothing to say
about things that it cannot observe and measure. Thus, if somebody (the
Pope) wants to say that a god created the process of evolution, then so be
it. Science can neither support nor deny such a view.
I challenge both the religionists and the atheists to find fault
with my logic here (not because I am infallible, but rather because I want
to know if there are any holes in my argument).
Remember, the process of science only attempts to uncover what
"is." It does not attempt to uncover what "should" be. Nor does it even
tell us where the "is" ultimately came from. (Note: I admit that how we
interpret what "is" does politically influence how we interpret what
"should" be).