Re: Pope and Evolution...

Graeme Kennedy (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 13:17:29 -0800

In article <>, Emir Mohammed
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>What is this I hear about the Pope (and the church) accepting
>evolution as being real??????????????? (This should be interesting...
>as we see how these "staunch" fundamentalist creationists worm their
>way out of this one - assuming, of course, that this story about the
>Pope and Evolution is true)...

The Vatican has had a tradition of respecting evolution as a theory. ("a
serious hypothesis" - Pope Pius 1950) and has recently decided to
emphasize that the theory is sound and not at odds with the faith.

Judging by the conversations with some contemporaries, this isn't swaying
any fundamentalist views. On the contrary, it is apparently one more reason
'not to trust/like/respect catholics'.


Graeme Kennedy