for a research project...

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23 Oct 1996 15:33:47 GMT

For a research project on the ways in which their use of the Internet
influences the ways in which anthropologists work, I would greatly
appreciate feedback from anyone and everyone with an interest/experience
in anthropology...thank you!

1) In addition to newsgroups like sci.anthropology, to what extent do you
use the Internet as a media of communication and/or as the subject of
(for example: email, mailing lists, online virtual communities)

2) Has the way(s) in which you use the Internet changed in the time you've
been using it? Please describe any changes.

3) In what ways, if any, does your use(s) of the Internet influence your work?

4) Would you please tell me a bit about yourself in regard to your age,
gender, how long have you been in the field of anthropology, your
occupational status (including academic title), and your field of


I would appreciate all feedback sent directly to my email address. Thank
you very much for your time!

Rebecca Handler