CD or MD ? Advice please...

Emanuel Andrade C. Sancho (
Thu, 24 Oct 96 03:59:27 GMT

I work in a museum and we are going to transfer all our records of Oral History / ethnographic
interviews, wich are in normal cassettes, to a better tecnologie. Indeed our records are quite
important and there's a lot of work invested on them. We look for a more secure
system, not so "fragil" (loose of qualities, durability, etc).. Our records are mainly
speaking (conversation) and eventualy singing...

So far I decided that it will be CD or MiniDisk. Acttualy CD might be, I think, the best choise.
With a recording CD ROM installed in my computer and with a good software I'll be able to
digitalise and control all the operation.

Anyway your opinions would be very, very appreciated..