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Publius wrote:
> Martin Dann ( wrote:
>There are species around which have been around longer than we have...
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> : Martin Dann
> If 'survival' were the whole story, then Palaeontology would confirm
> this by producing evidence that the fossil record is a gret mass
> of bizarre and eventually failed attempts at adaptation and
> survival. In fact, the current landscape would be swarming with
> such a chaotic mass. The fact is, of course, no such evidence
> exists. There is order and a 'Vector' guiding the progress of
> Life on Earth. PUBLIUS at <>

Whether the fossil record is a great mass of bizarre attempts, or not,
is a matter of opinion. The record is what it is. It shows many ways to
succeed. Every currently reproducing DNA string is as successful as
ours. Based in what we know about the world over the past 500 million
years, what will be successful (i.e., here) 500 million years from now
is not predictable.